Economic contributions of traditional tobacco and new nicotine products to the EU 27

The traditional tobacco and new nicotine products industry has made significant economic contributions to the European Union and its communities.

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Tobacco Europe is the primary point of contact for questions about the tobacco industry and cigarette manufacturing. We are a non-commercial industry association with a 30 year history of working with policymakers in Brussels.


Our Activities

About Us

Regulation of tobacco products is complex. Our task is to bring together three of Europe’s largest cigarette manufacturers and put forward their common views on regulation and policy. We believe Tobacco Europe has a really important role in helping regulators agree on evidence-based rules which take the needs of smokers into account. It is a role we take seriously. As manufacturers, we have an important role to play in alerting policymakers to instances where regulation is leading to unintended consequences for consumers.

Tax, Price & Consumption

Tax levels and structures have a significant influence on the ability of Governments to achieve revenue objectives. As there are wide differences between individual countries the optimal tax levels and structures will vary greatly. Tobacco Europe believes that Member State regulators should take this into consideration when determining their tobacco tax policies. We believe that future EU legislation should continue to respect tax sovereignty and affordability, while allowing the Member States make decisions based on their national circumstances. Excessively high levels of tax that do not take into account the affordability of products may negatively impact tax revenue and distort the legal market.